Property Manangement
River City Management (RCM) offers management for single family residential, duplexes, multi-units, and other investment properties. A management service is important to owners, equity partners and tenants alike. By providing a high standard of service RCM can ensure that tenants are happy and stay, and owners and partners have a facility that will rent quickly, at the right price, and provide the income/return that they expect, without the hassles.

River City Management provide the following services to Owners and Tenant

  • Vacancy showing
    • This time consuming yet extremely important function is happily taken on by our knowledgeable staff. Because of our experience we can quickly match the potential tenant to property, speedily screen the applicant and arrive at a sound business decision quickly. Thus satisfying all concerned.
  • Rent collection
    • The management of rent collection is a function we perform routinely. With our computerized reporting you are in immediate touch with the financial status of your property.
  • Eviction coordination
    • Regrettably, some situations call for dramatic intervention. We do not avoid the unpleasant duties such as eviction of recalcitrant tenants or from providing collection services for non-payment.
  • Supervision and Maintenance
    • We provide management and supervision of janitorial personnel, HVAC, pest control and other maintenance functions. We respond to special maintenance requests with speed and efficiency.
  • Emergency service
    • Emergencies happen and we are “on the spot.” Our on-call emergency service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Bill payment
    • Sound financial management demands that the timely payment for monies owed be a priority. This function along with income is the backbone of sound property management and a service we cheerfully provide.
  • Capital Improvement Estimates
    • Keeping loyal tenants or attracting new ones is important. Property upkeep may require capital improvements. We obtain estimates for the work required and oversee the work through satisfactory completion.
  • Financial reportings
    • Our policy of presenting monthly reports by the first week of the following month helps the property owner prepare for property and/or income taxes. You get a breakdown of details with each check.
  • Communication
    • We make ourselves available for all parties!