Property Manangement

2525 E. 29th PMB 379        Spokane, WA 99223


River City Management (RCM) offers management for single family residential, duplexes, multi-units, and other  investment properties. A management service is important to owners, equity partners and tenants alike. By providing a high standard of service RCM can ensure that tenants are happy and stay, and owners and partners have a facility that will rent quickly, at the right price, and provide the income/return that they expect, without the hassles.


The services River City Management offer is comprehensive and includes but is not limited to:

  • Lease/Rent collection
  • Payment of bills
  • Financial reporting
  • Supervision and maintenance

Kathy Nichols

  • Vacancy showing
  • Estimates for capital improvement
  • Emergency service
  • Eviction coordination

(509) 534-9764

 JD Nichols - (509) 828-0592    Keri Hilton - (509) 534-9764